Puppy Deposit Policy






Deposits for all puppies is $500.00. It is a nonrefundable deposit (for any reason) to hold a selection spot. We accept cash/money order/credit card/debit card/checks (the acceptance or refusal of all personal checks is the decision of Von der haus Gill staff) or on-line Pay Pal. Von der haus Gill reserves the right to refuse to accept a deposit from any person for any reason that Von der haus Gill deems sufficient to do so.


Pick order in all litters is determined by deposit order, by sex, by litter. Von der haus Gill reserves the right to take first pick (males) and/or (females) in all litters. The first selection spot given to the public is 2nd pick in all litters, male and females.


 All deposit are NONREFUNDABLE for any reason and will be deposited upon receipt by Von der haus Gill.  We cannot and DO NOT guarantee color, hair length, coat style, sex, drive or any feature of a puppy. These are things outside our control. If a client chooses to not take their puppy for whatever reason they acknowledge the forfeit their deposit in full. There is no moving to other litters etc. unless Von der haus Gill would so choose to allow it.  Any returned checks will be charged a $50.00 fee, which covers the returned fee from our bank as well as our labor and time costs. A new Cashiers Check will be required! No checks will be reprocessed.  No pick spots are guaranteed until a check actually clears all banks involved. Deposits are from date we process them, Not from date written.


All puppies will be named for registration purposes by Von der haus Gill based on litter "letter". All puppies come with full registration papers unless otherwise advised by Von der haus Gill.


Any and all missed appointments (failure to show up for a scheduled appointment) by clients is subject to a missed appointment fee. This fee is $100.00 which will be added onto the final purchase price of a puppy.


Any failure to show up for a scheduled puppy pickup appointment will result in the total deposit fee being forfeited.  Clients may or may not receive any written notification of this policy or this forfeiture action.  Appointments may be rescheduled at our convenience prior to the original scheduled time.


Buyer must fill out the Puppy Deposit form, sign and date as well as a Puppy Contract from this site and mail to Von der haus Gill before their deposit process is complete. This must be done within 30 days of the actual deposit to guarantee the spot. Failure to complete these forms relieves Von der haus Gill of guaranteeing a puppy selection spot for the client. Once the forms are completed the clients deposit will be placed back in line at the next open pick position. No pick spots will be held for clients beyond 30 days without the forms completed and submitted.
















If at any time a refund would be given it is returned in a form a check only.  This refund is minus $50.00 for any bank charges or credit card company charges, and or any Pay Pal fees incurred by Von der haus Gill German Shepherds from the original deposit plus lost time, wages of staff.




Visitation is allowed by appointment only. Females may be seem unless they have puppies at that time. No litters from birth to weaning age can be seen by clients. We try to provide pictures as the puppies grow as often as our schedule allows. No set number of pictures are guaranteed. We also provide live viewing via Internet for short period of times when available. These are limited sessions and there is no guarantee of any being provided during a litter. The decision of time of day, day of the week, or frequency is solely the decision of Von der haus Gill. We also do try to assist clients select the right puppy based on their plans.

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